Album: First (2011)

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Song: Pa Pa Ra Pa Pa

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Jabberheads - Kiev-born band, musical chameleons appeared in 2007. They are chameleons not only because of their lizard name. The reason of such a comparison is their sound - change of skin color of the lizard, change of the style from song to song. This is the trademark of the band: rich voice with changeable rock background with some cabaret effect. By the way concerning cabaret - Jabberheads is much better for listening there in some nightspots where you can share their musical stories' so different in mood in the real time. But if you want yet to hear about their musical styles here you are: blues, vintage rock, urban art rock, folk. But all these words are very notional and common. Jabberheads seems to let all the frames hang out and play delicious mix of melodies and sounds. Their playing with concepts and characters of songs (from some alcoholic melancholy to stadium drive) are like sex. And certainly are like rock'n roll (broadly defined). Official site: